Integrative Medicine combines modern medicine and proven natural, alternative therapies to heal your body, mind and spirit.

At Sublime Wellness, we consider all aspects of your health and wellness, addressing existing health concerns as a whole. Nothing is in isolation as we are not a “body part”, but an elaborate, interrelated system.   We review your family and personal health risk history to provide preventative health measures you can employ immediately.

An integrative medical consultation examines your lifestyle and overall health and wellness. This is an opportunity to review your habits and concerns, discuss possible alternatives and prepare you for a future of aging well, living well and being well. It is about empowering you in your journey to wellness.

You are welcome to bring forward questions or concerns regarding any part of your health and lifestyle. This may include recommendations for diet, supplements, physical assessment, blood work, alternative options and methods in which you manage both your emotional and physical health.

Initial Consultation

1 hour $525

30 minutes $262.50

15 minutes $131.25

Dr. Dundas also specializes in Integrated Oncology