Tammy Oak

AURA-SOMA® is often referred to as a “non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy”. I like to think of it as a gentle guiding and healing modality when up against our inner shadows. Why do I draw the same type of people into my circle, why do I repeat behaviors that drain me of my energy, why am I drawn to certain aspects of life, when am I at peace, feeding my soul and one with the universe.
As difficult as these questions may seem has the ability to answer all of the questions that float through your space waiting to be answered. It is self selective in that you choose your colours, or some would say the bottles will choose you. ‘Selections are made from a place of calling and super conscious knowing, reflecting a soul choice not simply a momentary attraction’. After selecting your bottles you will be led through an interactive session in which you will discover patterns, tools, gifts and challenges. Never in all my years of doing energy work have I ever come across such a gentle modality that allows the individual to travel through lifetimes to reveal the dharma and karma of this lifetime.
The colours carry you on the journey to discovery of your true purpose, your mode of expressing that purpose, how you negotiate through the world, how you react to challenges, and most importantly what your soul needs to be fed and live your best life. As a facilitator of this particular modality for over 10 years I am honoured to have shared these sacred journeys with many individuals, through every one I learn more and more about myself, the world and the human spirit.
60 min $120