During a full assessment you will go through a series of physical tests and compared to the rest of the population in your age group in order to give you a score for your overall condition. The test includes cardiovascular (VO2 test), strength, flexibility, body composition, girth measurements and includes a full report of your results including scores for each test and overall.

If you are about to start a new exercise routine, this is a fantastic motivator as it allows you specific measures of the changes that occur physically as a result of your efforts. We can measure your baseline and then at regular intervals retest and chart your progress.

If you are already participating in regular exercise, this is a great way to assess your program to ensure you are covering all of the fitness components and achieving maximum results for your efforts. If you work with a personal trainer, this is a neutral and effective way to find out if you are getting your monies worth and training with the right person. As well as addressing each of the fitness components other things that will come out of a full fitness assessment are gait issues, posture problems, and joint issues.