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Functional Movement Screening was created as a means of injury prediction/prevention. It is appropriate for average to high functioning individuals without injury. It is not a diagnostic tool, but allows an individual to be screened for pain, dysfunction, and asymmetries by observing and measuring execution of basic movement patterns. Measures are assessed for mobility, stability, range of motion, and inability to perform basic movements.
If there is weakness, imbalance or loss of basic movement it will be picked up during the screen. Though pain may not be present, and an individual fully engaged in training, incorrect movement patterns repeated over time will eventually lead to injury and dysfunction.
The other issue is fear or avoidance of movement which also affects the ability to function at a normal level. Keeping in mind that a body in movement will always sacrifice quality for quantity thus movement patterns will follow the path of least resistance. When we adjust our movement patterns to avoid pain we compromise the muscles and adjust posture to compensate. Protection of joints depends largely on the appropriate functioning of the muscle system, thus any adjustments will eventually result in damage to the joint. Once weakness or imbalance has degenerated a joint rehabilitation is slow and loss of function is inevitable.
With this quick screening process, and minor protocols to correct for any issues that are apparent, you can avoid having to spend days, weeks, or months trying to rehabilitate an injury which has already occurred.