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Dr. Kathryn Dundas

Our Founder & CEO

Kathryn is a passionate 4th generation medical doctor in Calgary, Alberta. Medicine and patient care go way beyond the clinic for Kathryn, she wants to help heal and improve the lives of everyone around her. This passion for helping people, and allowing them to feel their absolute best drove her to open Sublime Wellness! Here at Sublime, we take your relaxation seriously because we know how vital it is to your mind and body's wellness!

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Tammy Oak


My combined experience in the fitness industry and healthcare has fueled my passion for holistic wellness as a lifestyle. I have adapted my knowledge of alternative health practices to advocate for preventive practices in an allopathic healthcare setting. I have used different modalities and methods to intervene, coach, and educate individuals to make subtle changes to avert a possible health crisis. Teaching patients to engage in the journey and learn all they can in order to understand their full range of choices is always the goal.

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Revitalize Your Senses

Sublime Wellness is a unique oasis located in the heart of Calgary. We believe that corrective and calming treatments need to be performed in a nurturing, warm and inviting space to be truly effective.

Our approach combines innovative expertise with an authentic spa-care experience to make the largest impact possible. The team at Sublime Wellness is here to help you achieve good health with goal-oriented procedures while enjoying the powerful benefits of relaxation. Nurture your body and soothe your mind with our great selection of services.

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